about Cornerstone Youth Services

Cornerstone Youth Services Inc. (CYS) delivers a broad range of services to our community of young people aged 12 to 25 in North and North-West Tasmania. We focus on health promotion, prevention, education, early intervention and developing help-seeking behaviours. Our services to the young people of Launceston include access to ‘no charge’ GP's, Youth Health Nurses, Drug & Alcohol, Social and Youth Workers and Allied Health. We also offer an Intake service; no appointment necessary. Intake available at headspace Launceston: Mon, Wed, Thurs and Fri 9am - 4pm or 12pm - 4pm Tues (Please note this can take up to an hour to complete). We also provide individual and group support and activities; school programs; advocacy to access many other services to improve general or specific health and wellbeing.

The basic objects and purposes of Cornerstone Youth Services:

  1. To provide accessible, integrated, quality mental health services to young people in Tasmania;
  2. To provide accessible, integrated, quality drug and alcohol related services and advice to young people in Tasmania
  3. To provide a range of direct services to young people including but not limited to health, social, educational, community and vocational
  4. To deliver and promote community awareness relating to the health, social and economic outcomes of young people;
  5. To enhance the health, social and economic outcomes of young people as a focus for community care, community awareness, provision of services and research;
  6. To enable the youth sector to share responsibility for care of young people through fostering integrated service delivery within the sector;
  7. To provide ongoing education, support and workforce development to the youth sector;
  8. To have input into the planning of health, social and educational services for young people in terms of government policy and services
  9. To enable a centre for excellence relating to research across a range of health, social and community aspects that impact on well-being of young people
  10. To administer such funds as may be provided for projects or programs in primary care, social, community, educational, vocational including research and training within the youth sector

Our Vision

Contributing to happier and healthier young people in our community

Our Mission

Leadership and relevance in youth health and well-being

Our Values

  • Connecting with ‘getting’ young people in their space
  • Partnerships and collaboration
  • Respecting diversity
  • Innovation with distinction

We at Cornerstone Youth Services Inc. are a hub for a range of services aimed at improving the health and well-being of our clients. We have a dedicated team of workers ready to assist you in any way we can.

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Cnr Wellington & Brisbane St or PO Box 7513
Launceston, Tasmania, 7250
Phone: 03 6335 3100
Fax: 03 6335 3127
Opening Hours:
Monday 9-5pm, Tues 12-5pm Wednesday to Friday 9-5pm


64 Stewart St or PO Box 27
Devonport, Tasmania, 7310
Phone: 03 6424 2144
Fax: 03 6424 6102
Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: by appointment, Tuesday: by appointment between (1:30-3:30pm) Thursday: Intake (drop in service)

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