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Big Picture Debate.

Tasmanian BOFA Film Festival | Other Publications | Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 12.30pm

The innovative Big Picture Debate has become a feature of BOFA following its success  in 2011 and 2012.  In 2013 it is planned to take on the challenging issue of the impacts – positive and negative – of our addiction to screens in today’s society.

Smart-phones, iPods, tablets, computers and TVs are wrecking our attention spans, triggering depression, and a sedentary lifestyle linked to heart disease, strokes etc. Video game and internet addictions create emotional shutdown, lack of concentration and withdrawal symptoms. Screens are hammering the cinema and TV, with global content destroying national identity & local film industries. Digital books, magazines and newspapers are destroying traditional publishing.

BUT is it really so bad? After all, we are more connected to the world than we have ever been. Social media has the power to change public – and politicians – opinions. The best of the world’s entertainment is a click away. Digital books, magazines and newspapers have made access to information cheaper and more democratic. Screen based stories can now be made on DSLR cameras, even smart phones, making everyone a potential film maker.

BOFA gathers two teams of outstanding speakers to debate the controversial and topical subject “Our Screen Addiction is Destroying Us”. Team Against: Matt Deaner, Executive Director, Screen Producers Association of Australia; and Freya John, 18-year-old Scotch Oakburn College student, digital artist and blogger. Team For: Garry Bailey, media consultant and ex-editor of The Mercury ; and Cate Sinclair, CEO Cornerstone Youth Services Inc – lead agency for headspace Launceston and Devonport. The host will again be Simon Longstaff of the St James Ethics Centre, Sydney.

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