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Headspace withdraws from campaign supported by Gloria Jeans

Alex Dunkin | Gay News Network | un/18/2012

The fallout from Gloria Jeans’ $30,000 donation to the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) has continued with headspace withdrawing its sponsorship from a suicide prevention campaign supported by the coffee company.

headspace had been a sponsor of the RU OK? National day of action against suicide for the past two years but have said they are not comfortable with the support the day is receiving from Gloria Jeans.

“Whilst we acknowledge the excellent work RU OK? Day and its partners have done in raising awareness about mental health issues, we have a significant level of discomfort about the relationship between RU OK? Day’s sponsor Gloria Jeans and the ACL,” the statement said.

“The recent revelations that [Gloria Jean's] made a significant donation to the ACL in 2010 has given us cause for concern.

“headspace supports the right of organisations such as the ACL to free speech. However, when that free speech has the potential to harm the quality of life of young people and perpetuate bigotry, inequality, fear and violence we know we have a responsibility to stand up for the rights of those whose voices are so often unheard.”

headspace's withdrawal comes after it it was found Jireh International Pty Ltd, the parent company of Gloria Jeans Coffee globally, made a $10,000 donation in 2005 to the Family First party, which has a strong stance against same-sex marriage.
In a statement Gloria Jeans Coffee distanced itself from the ACL and said the $30,000 was for the purpose of a Prime Ministerial debate.
“As a company we hold no position on marriage law, and in line with our values support people’s freedom to choose who they love,” the statement said.
“We are not homophobic and are proud that our team members come from all walks of life and sexual orientations, and we respect everyone’s opinion and the right to freedom of choice – political, religious, marriage or otherwise.
“The religious affiliation and preferences of some our management, Franchise Partners or Team Members, is their personal choice and bears no relevance to the way that our business runs day to day.”

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