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Nick Bracks becomes headspace ambassador

Serkan Ozturk | Gay News Network | Jul 11 2012

Model and media personality Nick Bracks is the latest high-profile Australian to become an ambassador for national youth mental health foundation headspace.

The 25-year-old who only last November graced the covers of DNA magazine joins other headspace ambassadors such as openly gay media personality and DJ, Ruby Rose, and out former hockey star Gus Johnston to help raise awareness around youth mental health issues and motivate young people to seek help early.

Bracks, the son of former Victorian Premier Steve Bracks, has already created a video for headspace detailing his own battle with depression and binge drinking which culminated in a 2007 car crash while drink-driving which resulted in a friend being hospitalised.

It also led to his father labeling him an “absolute idiot” on national television.

Bracks said he was using alcohol at the time as a coping mechanism to mask his depression and anxiety, which had led him to shunning friends and believing there was no point to life.

“There was nothing that excited me. I was getting through each week by going out and getting drunk on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights and then doing nothing during the week,” Bracks said.

“I used alcohol to cover up what was really going on because I didn’t want to face my real problems. This led me to the point where I put my life and the lives of my closest friends in danger.”

headspace CEO Chris Tanti said he believed Bracks’s story would strike a chord with young people who might be unsure about reaching out for help.

“Each year around one-in-seven teenagers and more than a quarter of 18 to 25 year olds will experience mental health problems or problems with alcohol and drugs,” Tanti said.

“But sadly only one in four will actually get professional help.”

Bracks said he hoped his story would show other young people how small problems can spiral out of control when help early on is not sought.

Speaking in Sydney late last year at the launch of his own line of men’s underwear, Bracks said he was comfortable with being a gay icon while remaining coy on his own sexuality.

”I’m pretty comfortable with my sexuality. I don’t mind what people think. I know what I am,” Bracks said.

“I am quite young and I’m open to new experiences and what comes.

“I don’t want to pigeonhole myself and I know that life changes every day, so who knows. I’m not ruling anything in life out.”

Courtesy of Gay News Network


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