Our Team

Cornerstone Youth Services employs 32 professionals in full-time, part-time and casual roles supplying administrative, liaison and support services, along with clinicians who specialise in youth health covering mental, sexual and physical fields as well as motivational and vocational guidance.

Management and Operations Team:

CEO - David O'Sign

Clinical Services Manager - Kate Brennan

Operations Services Manager - Alison Roberts

Community Liaison Officer - Alison Filgate

Finance and Business Manager - Lynnette Kerrison

Support Worker - Amanda Palmer


Devonport Team:

Claire Stucas (MHT)

Kim Gawne (MHT)

Kim Prunster (Admin)


Administration Team:

Stacey Saunders

Kelly Porteus

Lynn Butler


Mental Health Team:

Caroline Thain

Susan McDonald-Davies

Jo Cameron

Rae Ikin

Danielle Jackson

Jenny Pike

Jayne Watson

Patsy McCue

Jake Owen


GP and Nurses Team:

Dr Sarah

Dr Beth

Dr George

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Vicki Giarraputo

Nigel Donoghue


Collaborative Partners Team:

Nat Hay - yAsp

Emma Mou - yAsp

Natasha Blackley - yAsp

Talitha Hingston - AOD

Fiona Armes - AOD



Lisa Porteus


Cnr Wellington & Brisbane St or PO Box 7513
Launceston, Tasmania, 7250
Phone: 03 6335 3100
Fax: 03 6335 3127
Opening Hours:
Monday 9-5pm, Tues 12-5pm Wednesday to Friday 9-5pm


64 Stewart St or PO Box 27
Devonport, Tasmania, 7310
Phone: 03 6424 2144
Fax: 03 6424 6102
Opening Hours:
Monday, Wednesday & Friday: by appointment, Tuesday: by appointment between (1:30-3:30pm) Thursday: Intake (drop in service)

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